The only ingredient in the product is water – that has been modified without chemicals to release its hydrogen electrons more easily. It is still just H2O, and completely safe.

The increased hydrogen availability causes the plant to produce more glucose, leading to significantly larger root mass, greater stem girth, more branches, increased number of bud sites per branch, and denser, higher quality buds.

Yes, absolutely; 50% increase in yield is achievable without changing your existing nutrient levels, however after your initial test run, you will be able to dial in additional NPK to achieve an 80% increase in yield.

The bud’s own natural flavor becomes more intensely concentrated, as is typical of high end cannabis – ultimately creating a higher demand for your flower.

Two ounces of product is added to each gallon of water. Approximately one half gallon of product per plant is used during the entire grow cycle, through flush phase.

Yes, but it is most effective when plants receive only the treated water during the entire grow cycle.

Yes, however it is most economically feasible when used with high value crops.

Yes, the manufacturer’s scientists (who are also master growers) will be available to assist you with fine tuning your process as needed to ensure maximum results, ongoing. You’ll get to know them, and see why so many of our customer relationships have evolved into friendships.

No, it is most effective with indoor grows, since outdoor plants would receive a percentage of untreated water in the form of precipitation. 50-80% yield increase is achievable when plants have received 100% treated water.

The manufacturer is offering a three-month supply at no cost, with free shipping to indoor commercial cultivators, to run a side-by-side comparison test. No credit card is needed.

The sample volume will vary depending upon the number of plants you’d like to test. A quick phone call will determine the optimal sample size for your side-by-side comparison.

Yes, free samples can be shipped to commercial cultivators located within the US or Canada by completing the form above.